Little Lambs Preschool

Tallahassee, FL

Classroom Information

Little Lambs Preschool designs its curriculum around theme-based units.  These units often change and include such themes as transportation, animals, weather, seasons, holiday, circus, etc.


Each teacher plans for his/her own group using a variety of teaching methods and activities.  All children are given the opportunity to participate in large and small group activities that enhance the development of the whole child. Themes and activities are created to promote early literacy skills, social and emotional development, numeration concepts, dramatic and symbolic play, spiritual growth, etc. All curriculum and activities are designed to be age appropriate.  Teachers encourage children’s creativity and help foster their self-esteem.  Activities are designed to help the children feel a sense of accomplishment and have a positive attitude towards learning.


Developmentally and age appropriate videos, and computer games are used occasionally to enhance the curriculum. These media are used sparingly as not to disrupt our hands-on and play based curriculum.    


Children have a natural curiosity, which leads them to learn the skills and concepts needed to be successful.  To rush this process would be unfair to the child, unproductive in practice and inappropriate for educators who have the child’s best interest at heart.  The individual needs of the child are always considered when developing curriculum.


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Little Lambs Preschool has 5 age clusters:

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